This section of our website includes a translation in English of key Rules, Communications, and guidelines used by the
Fédération Française des Sports de Glace – Commission Sportive Nationale de Danse sur Glace
(CSNDG : National Ice Dance Commission)
for the categories of its Ice Dance Competitions which are not covered by ISU Regulations, namely :

                                                               - couples under Pre Novice,
                                                          - solos,
                                                          - adults.

means a rule of the Réglement Intérieur Danse sur Glace (CSNDG Regulations)
means a Communication published by the CSNDG
 Technical definitions
 Pattern Dances
 Free Dances and Solo Interpretive Dances

 Some Ice Dance Competitions
sanctioned by the Fédération Française des Sports de Glace are open to ice dancers from other ISU Members. For these Competitions, an Announcement in English is available online.

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